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I have taken it to several mecanics and noone seems to detect the problem.
I checked it was a POS system earlier today my friend had one and it said the 1345 Code Red and 1235 could readwhen I started and don't stay running its raining all kinds of codes and it's easier than what it was befo...
Dealership has said I need to replace the charcoal canister on car since check engine light continues to come on and the gas cap and throttle body have already been replaced.
ABS,check brake & check engine light is on. mechanic put code reader on & says tr rear speed sensor is the only code. Can speed sensor be repaired or just replace it Thanks
this usually happens once a month after a cold night. the dindows are down and the sunroof is opened, but the car is still locked
When I turn my car off, the engine pings for a while. I'm putting "Super" gas in the car so I don't understand what could be causing this and whether or not I need to take it to the shop. Thank you.
slight pop when turning the steering wheel to the left about 1/3 of the way, just one small pop what is it? A u-joint?
message is comming up on the navigation screen check dvd information no good however maintence system not showing up seems the whole naviagaion and system no good What can it be?
my button lights for the garage door don't light ?