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I have no symptoms of any kind.The car does not veer in one direction when braking or accelerating,braking is ok,no noise,vibrations or uneven tires wear. The mechanic advised me that when changing the engine oil he ...
my engine when reaches 60mph, I hear a noise in the motor. my rpms stay at a 4. It its shifting at a high speed. The OD button when pushed wouldn't work.
Added more fluid but the power steering still doesn't work.
My check engine light came on a few months ago. Dealership said it was a sensor in which I didn't have replaced. Just recently my car has been stalling to start. It sounds like it's straining to crank but eventually ...
while driving car the abs dummy light will go out, but at a idle or just to start the car it will continue to flash...codes are 71 through 78...how do i fix the problem??
it wont power up at all and i found a s video cable under console thats unhooked , could that be a issue ?
I am trying to find where the bulb or fuse is for my auto transmission shift, P,R,D,1,2 is out. How do I change it?
on occassion I get extreme clunking in the front end of car. Dealer can't seem to find problem because the clunking disappears. I believe it's transmission going bad, but have no way to verify. What would you do in th...