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Where is the cabin filter and what is best method for removal and replacement?
check the fuse seems to be ok changed anyway but still not heat
When I turn on my window washers they squirt but not very far I just want to know the safest way and what to use to unclog them. Thank You
I have somehow gotten water in the bulb housing and it has caused the blinker and lamp to blink rapidly. I would like to remover the moisture and change out the bulb...how do I access teh bulb and any ideas for the m...
How can I diagnose wether it is the window regulator or the motor? I want to buy the right part prior to bringing to the mechanic if possible. When the button is pressed there is a mechanical sound made but no m...
Sudden onset of window function failures. told is was "burnt out" motor. does motor equal regulator? what will be a fair labor price if I get the "motor" from a reputable dealer? Could it be another device that failed?
What would be the cost of repair a leaking main seal?
my power steering fliud has to be replaced alot.What is wrong?
my airbag light is flashing on and off
Both cooling fans come on as soon as I turn the ignition off and they keep running until the battery runs dead. Its not overheated and the relay switch seems to be good. Any ideas what cause them to run and a solution...
I had an automatic starter installed and ever since then then, the radio lights and shifter lights do no come on. Radio still works but it's difficult to dive and control radio at night. Any similar problems or solu...
How do i replace the left front blinker bulb on my 1999 ES300
my car has 82,000 miles..mechanic suggets I replace water pump and 7 belts...shall I do this? I have no problems with the car.
I have 82,000 miles no problem w water pump, mechanic suggests I replace water pump and 7 belts...shall I do this at this time?
engine light on runs rough when cold and rpms run high