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In the summer of 2014, i then had the lower valve hose replaced(think that is wht it's called) and tht workd fr a few mnths.I've learnd when to use the air so it doenst overheat. I got thru the summer refillg my coola...
can turn car off and restart light is removed
when this happens at stop & I rev the engine in neutral until lite changes then shift into gear. Infrequently when this occurs at hwy spd with demand on engine it does not "hunt" until I slow...below 60. This occurs o...
when try to start back after cutting engine off after been running will not start back. After several attempts sometimes it will start back. When vehicle is running it does fine.
back up lights not working
Could either the fuel pressure damper assembly or the canister purge valve occasionally cause a gas smell to be blown into the car cabin via the AC vents when the air is not on recirculate? I've had this problem inter...
How do I change the passenger side headlights?
Hi, I have a 1998 Lexus ES300 has a power steering problem, it's hard to steer an has poor return. I bled the system the problem went away for a few hours, now the problem is back. I've checked the system for leaks bu...
EGR code: My car intermittently has a high rev almost like it is going to cut off. Then a bad sulfur smell comes out.
How many are the clips to the turn signal light bulb assembly?