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this started two days ago.Any time the car runs on rough surface I hear this unusual noise from the front passenger side wheel as if something is loose.
I got into my car this morning, I put the key in and turned it to start the car but the engine didn't turn on but it made a clicking sound, the odometer and other needles went back and forth, and the dash symbols lit ...
In addition to my first questions I did get two response but I forgot to detail that I attempted to start my car when it was already running. The engine is so quite and not much vibration that I thought I was list...
I changed the battery, the alarm went off, i used the key in the door as described in a website to disarm the alarm. The car will run, but i have no radio, electric locks,or windows. The car will not go into gear ei...
How much should I pay to change power steering fluid pump?
My car has 329,000 miles on it and has never given me any real problems. How much will these parts cost me? Is it worth the investment?
recently had oxygen sensor replaced.engine runs smooth .cat converters is expensive. will that solve problem of check engine light?
Had car washed and the problem popped up
Where is it located
The problem happens when the engine is warm or at least it is more apparent. Past 2000rpm the surges seem to disappear. It feels as though I am gently pumping the accelerator pedal. It may be more of power loss than a...
I know that the first code is often tied to a thermostat failure or coolant system issue. What are the other expected culprits?
What could be the problem? The mileage shown on the odometer disappeared first then a few minutes later the check engine light came on. Mileage reappeared minutes later and has now disappeared again. Would greatly a...
it cut off only after a short period of time