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MY bf bought the 1992 engine from a mechanic who swore it would fit. After calling around after comparing the components on both we were told they are not compatible. Is there something we are missing?
Lexus 1997. Thick smoke is coming out of muffler, Just got a Oil change which was overdue by a few 100 miles. Car is now Letting off more smoke then before on a daily bases. I believe my pistons/rings need to be chang...
how to replace drivers side mirror on 1997 lexus e300
When I bought the car few months ago the car had a bad shake to it when you was going 50 miles and got better the higher speed. Come to find out from hooking it up to a computer it was a misfire. Changed the spark plu...
how many amps do these ststers draw when working properly
Was driving mr car 1997 Lexus Es 300 yesterday turnd a corner and the car died I mean everything was on but I could't accerlerate, I noticed there was oil under the car when it was towed..please help
I was told the car has a seal that is leaking. It is no worse than when the car was checked the last time, and is not causing any problems. Was told it doesn't need to be replaced now, that the leaks are slow to get a...
I think its stuck on a small eyeglass cleaning cloth I put in the ashtray. Help!
Memory on the electric car seat (driver side) no longer will program.
in my 1997 lexus es300 the brake light is on. ive tried putting brake fluid in and its still on. anyone know anything
how do i change the 2 drive belts on this car??
I have two lexus and both car cd charger don't work and light for the radio stations does not come on