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sand and paint rear bumper, and paint front bumper
the door will not open from the outside but will from the inside on the drivers side
On my way to work I ran over some railroad tracks pretty hard the other day that even my wheels squeeled. When I got in to go home my trac off light was on. Not blinking just solid. I pushed the trac off/on button b...
The dome light cover, I think, can be pried off; I don't know if it pries off from the end (or ends), or from the center. I don't want to break it. Thanks.
are th front plugs under plastic cover, and the rear one i cant see
what should be done to remove sludge buildup in engine
need to replace soon (fortunately have an extra key) Do I need to go to dealer, or is there a less expensive option.
After one hour turnpike driving the oil light came on. I was not in the car and my wife didn't look at the temp guage. Last week a new Air Conditioner compressor was installed, along with the belt and power steering b...
When I use the remote to open the car doors, the inside lock buttons snap open normally but I am unable to open the drivers side door from the outside although the lock button snaps open. It feels like the door handl...
What size oil pan wrench is required to remove the plug from a 1997 Lexus 300ES and where can it be purchased?
how much does it cost to have spark plugs replaced with new ones.
it seems like this car has poor gas mileage is this common for this car being a v-6 engine.
my car had a major 90,000 mile service now it has 144,000 when should i do another major service