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2010 Nissan Versa Question: Less than 2,000 mi and "service engine soon" light comes on

My 2010 Nissan Versa is less than 5 months old and has less than 2,000 miles on it. Tonight the "Service Engine Soon" light suddenly came on, apparently for no reason. I live in Memphis and the temp was 98 degrees today (it's not even summer yet --ugh) but the light didn't come on until around 9:00 pm. I lost my job 3 days after buying the car and can't afford any repairs, especially for a car I just bought. Does anyone have any ideas? Your help would be very much appreciated! -
Answer 1
take it back to service mang. tell him tour problem you are still under tour warrenty -
Answer 2
have the dealer reprogram the dash lights -
Answer 3
we looked in the owners manual and it said to re-tighten the gas cap. we did that and it went off. -