left turn signal not working and does not light up on dash on 2001 Oldsmobile Bravada

.Hazard flashes but only on right side .Replace multi flasher but still not working?

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No left side flashing lights at all 4 way or sig. How about the brake light on the left?
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poss bad bulb on the outside and multi function switch on inside but ck fuses 1st. some cars have a fuse for rt and left side blinkers
Was one of the first thing I did by checking fuses and bulb .I back prob the flasher and the multi function switch is sending volts to it when I flip it to right and when I turn it to left on different wire the flasher has 3 relay in it .I am thinking a bad ground. Is their a site where I could see or download a free diagram .
try good luck
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