1998 Acura SLX Q&A

1998 Acura SLX Question: Left Turn grinding / squeeking noise

When I make a left turn at a higher speed, I get a grinding or squeeking noise. I am thinking it may be the CV joint. Could it be related to the need to change the Differential Gear oil? -
Answer 1
A CV joint usually makes a noise on tighter turns and on the side of the turn you are taking, ie if you are taking a left turn and the axle is bad it will make a rattling sound on left turns. The noise is more likely (if only at high speed turns) to be related to a wheel bearing or check that brake pads or brake pad shim or hardware to have come displaced. On your comment on differential oil, on Acuras only use Acura approved differential oil. -
Answer 2
it definitely sounds like the CV joint I had this happening to me I replaced the whole axle since it was easier and not much more money and it fixed the grinding -