left tail light on only when right turn signal on on 1991 Buick Regal

my left tail light only come on when i turn on the right hand turn signal. the left turn signal doesn't work at all. how can i fix this

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It sounds like you have a bad ground connection at that light assembly. Remove the circuit board that holds the lights, or the individual bulb holders and look for a corroded or loose wire. The ground wire is black on your car's lights circuit.
one question for you, 91 buick regal... i hit my brakes radio statics out!! on the panel for the push button headlights they dont work only the dome light fader switch! blinker switch works if you hold it and i have no wipers all this happened over night@! So i lost the headlights and wipers..... i have brake lights one time then the drivers one cuts out and so does the radio! HELP!!! leaning on grounds??