Left front axle on 2002 Volkswagen Passat

The rubber boot over the left front axle has developed a tear. The mechanic tells me that he can simply replace the boot but recommends a new axle.

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You need to find another shop. It should cost less to replace the axle than the boot. You can buy a reman axle from Napa auto parts for $70 exchange. That's if it is an automatic, two wheel drive. The Napa auto parts part number is 95-2187. The phone number to call is 704-821-6246. That is a reman axle which is fine. You can spend a little more for new if you want. You need to go find another shop that will give you a better price. Not having more info on the car it should be no more than one and a half hours labor.
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it's best to repalce the axel shaft assy for around $189 or just to replace the boot only you would pay around $161 since the price difference it not much it's always good to replace the complete assy.
My mechanic wants $277 to replace the boot only and $434 to replace the entire assembly. He claims there's considerable labor in replacing the boot. Whay are your estimates so much lower? I suppose I'll shop around.
you should if you want me to do the left front axel assy I can do it for $189+tax comes with 1 year nationwide warranty on parts & labor.
Thanks. I've made an appt for next Tues at your Ind Blvd location