Left Blinker and Cruise Control not working on 2007 Ford F-150

i have a 2007 ford f150 with a v6
last week at about 630pm my left blinker stopped would go solid but it wouldn't blink. and when i went to turn on cruise control it wouldn't turn on. the right blinker worked fine and when we tried the 4 ways it would stay solid.

the next morning i go to my truck and everything worked fine, cruise control, left blinker was like it never happened. i was driving in cruise control and as soon as 6pm came the cruise control shut off and the left blinker didn't blink. the next day the same thing happened it would work until 6pm and then fail.

i'm just trying to get an idea on what could be the issue.


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6:00, must be quitting time!

Have it scanned...... Before six!
good answer pushrod
Well gg only thing i could come up with, never had one like that.