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With over 20 years experience in auto/fleet mechanics and a graduate from one of the top schools in the industry, Wyoming Tech, LeRoy Schuchardt has work experience with Dobbs/ Goodyear, Johnny Londoff Chevrolet and many other shops in the Missouri/Illinois area.
After moving to Las Vegas, he became Lead Mechanic for AAA's Fleet Service, including tow trucks, company cars and employee vehicles.
Lee has acquired certification with ASE, GM, Nevada State Smog, and now an AAA Approved Auto Repair Facility.
Along with fair prices, honesty and integrity, LeRoy Schuchardt is FINALLY a mechanic you can trust!!.

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Lee's Auto Care
April 17, 2015

The work had been fine in the past, but the service horrible. Missed their promise THREE times & wasn't really apologetic about missing it. Seemed not to care when they wasted an entire half day that I took off of work. Tried to make amends with the owner, but he never got back to me. Hit & run place!

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Lee's Auto Care
April 06, 2011

I just had a whole fiasco with my Audi. The car was out of warranty and had a minor oil leak that Rob over at Lee's auto care told me it was an easy fix. There were not any alerts showing on the dash board or any other known issues.Originally he quoted me a price $597 to fix the oil leak, however once I spoke with him about what "actually" needed to be done, he didn't know exactly where the leak was coming from and he just wanted to replace the entire Cam shaft instead of just ordering the seals (which was only around $30)so I paid $397 ($255 labor + parts). He told me that the car would be done within 2 business days because he had to order the parts. It took 7 full business days for him to complete the work of putting on 2 seals and gaskets which he said "came from Audi".

Two days later my engine starts sputtering and backfiring, the engine light started to blink rapidly and the car refused to accelerate while I'm driving down the street. I am due to relocate next week and was supposed to use this car to drive ACROSS COUNTRY, and now it won't even accelerate! I took it to Audi and they told me that the wrong seals and gaskets were put on the car causing problems throughout the engine, and that THE CAR IS STILL LEAKING! Also audi said that it was going to cost a another $345 for an in depth diagnostic to see what else maybe occuring. I called Lee directly and asked for my $397 back that he charged me for labor and seals and gaskets (because they were incorrect) and he told me that "we don't know we did it, get you car back from them and we'll see if its our fault". So then I asked him "Do you know how to work on Audis?" and he said "Sort of". Why should I pay Audi another $115 so that I can release the car back to you, and YOU DON'T KNOW IF YOU CAN FIX IT! I responded "Not only that, my car did not any of these issues prior to me dropping it off to you! So obviously something is wrong." So I faxed him over a copy of the diagnostic from Audi and HE STILL WON'T"T ADMIT IT. He proceeded to blame the whole thing on Audi, claiming that they must have sent him the wrong gaskets and seals and it is not his fault. So to clear up the issues of "incorrect seals and gaskets" I gave Lee my contact's number at Audi so they could compare his PO to what was on the car. Audi found that the gaskets that were ordered and put on the car were incorrect.
When I spoke to Lee he told me "when something else goes wrong you're supposed to bring the car back to us! Not go somewhere else". We will not refund the money, unless we can't fix it ourselves. I do not have another week for him to tinker with the car, I am MOVING! So now that I am in the middle of moving, I must pay Audi another $115 just to pick my car up and find a place to store it because its not functioning, I also must now spend $2000 to fly my family across country because I can't drive my car. When all he had to do was give me back at least the labor costs so that I could pay to get the car seen by Audi.

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Reply from Lee's Auto Care -  badbadleeApril 07, 2011 07:54

Miss Brown brought her vehicle in to be checked out for an oil leak. The entire front of the engine and the belt were covered in oil. She was informed that she would need to return on Monday and leave the vehicle so that we could clean the oil off the engine and diagnose the oil leak or leaks. She returned on Wednesday and left the vehicle. After removing the lower splash pan, cleaning the engine checking the oil level. We ran the engine and road tested the vehicle for the leaks. The oil leak appeared to be coming from under the intake manifold. Looking in ALLDATA repair we found that there is an oil separator and breather assemble under the intake. At this time we contacted Audi to obtain price and availability on the gaskets and seals to reseal the oil separator and breather assembly and for the upper and lower intake seals. The parts department at Audi then informed us that the parts would have to be ordered at a two to three day wait and that the gasket for the oil separator, upper and lower intake seals were available and that the seals and gasket for the breather assembly had to be purchased with a new breather and were not sold separately.
Miss Brown was contacted with a price for the repair, at which time she informed us that she could not afford the repair including the breather assembly. We then agreed to remove the upper intake to check and see if the breather assembly was leaking ( do to the fact that the breather attached to the oil separator) at no extra charge to her. It was also agreed that we would order the gasket for the oil separator and intake seals at this time.
It was then again explained to Miss Brown that the parts would take Two to Three day to arrive , so it could be Monday of the next week before work was started on her car and that it might be late Tuesday before it was completed. She was then given the choice to pick up her vehicle until the parts actually arrived. She stated that she would have no problem leaving her vehicle that she did not need it.
Repairs were started on her vehicle on Monday. Some of the parts ordered from Audi showed up on Monday and the rest would be in on Tuesday or Wednesday. Miss Brown called later in the day wanting to know why her car was not finished, we informed her that we just received some of the parts and were waiting for the remaining parts from Audi and that it could be Wednesday before they arrived but that we were working on her car.
Wednesday morning Miss Brown called and was irate that her car was not finished, we then again explained we were still waiting for the parts from Audi. Miss Brown then wanted to know why it was taking seven days to repair her car?. We then reminded her that we were only one day over our original time estimate for the repairs and that we had completed her vehicle to the point of the seals we needed. She still insisted that it should not take that long to repair her car that she was getting ready to move and was getting rides from friends or had borrowed a car and needed to return it that day. We told her that as soon as her car was finished we would call her.
After completing the repairs we road tested the vehicle twice and let it run on the rack checking for oil leaks, none were seen at this time. Miss Brown was called and informed her car was done, she then stated that she would not pick up the vehicle till the fallowing day, when she came and got her vehicle.

In response to Miss Brown's Review when she originally brought vehicle in for the “MINOR” oil leak the entire engine was covered in oil that is why she was asked to return and leave the vehicle because the “MINOR LEAK” had covered the entire engine and that we needed to clean it to find the leaks. Also she was given the opportunity to decline repairs at our shop or pick up her vehicle until the parts were in ,she was never told it would be TWO BUSSINESS DAYS with us knowing the parts had to be ordered. Also the estimated time frame for the repairs were one day over do to waiting for parts. Yes it was stated that it was a simple repair compared to other possible oil leaks. Also we never stated that it needed a COMPLETE CAM instead of seals in fact the cams and or seals were never brought up, mentioned or even considered needing replacement.
We stand behind our work and repairs. Miss Brown did not contact us about the SPUTTERING, BACKFIRING or any other OIL LEAKS to give us the opportunity to check or repair any problems, instead she chose to take her vehicle to the Audi dealership.
This in fact is the dealer that the parts were ordered from that she states are the incorrect parts and CAUSING THE PROBLEMS THROUGHOUT THE ENGINE. After contacting the Audi dealership they have stated that there are no oil leaks from the gasket and seals that we replaced.

Lee's Auto Care
July 25, 2010

They did a great job diagnosing the problem and fixing it. I will recommend this shop.

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Lee's Auto Care
July 11, 2010

They provided excellent care for my vehicle. They diagnosed the problem and called me before repairs were done and they even tried to fix the problem without a major repair bill but it didn't work so I had to have the repair done. I got a AAA member discount which helped alot, almost $100 off the bill and my car is running great now! I would highly recommend anyone that wants an honest repair shop to go to Lee's Auto Care. I know I will be going back if needed.

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