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2000 Audi S4 Question: LED on gas gauge is out...how to replace?

The needle on my fuel gauge is no longer lit, and it looks like my oil temp gauge is not far behind (it flickers from time to time). Is this a DIY fix? Thanks, -
Answer 1
These instrument clusters can be repaired in some cases, I suggest contacting this company, they rebuild some of them and can better answer your question: http://bit.ly/8z7rcm -
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@some guy - good to hear about bba, I have looked at their site and they have a ton of great info. I wish they would update their site though, it's slower than molasses. -
Answer 2
www.bba-reman.com has a USA location and have been reliable the times i've used them. unless you fix radios or computers i would not suggest trying. -
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I emailed BBA, and they want $350 to look at the entire cluster. Secondly, I just got off the phone with a local Audi dealdership, and their parts guy swears up and down to me that the lights in the gauge needles are NOT led, but bulbs, and he gave me the part numbers. 4a0919040c n017751-2 He says only the indicator lights (brake, CEL, AirBag) are LED and that anything having to do with a gauge is a bulb. I'll just have to take a look myself and post back. -
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i would be willing to bet the parts guy $5 if i knew what dealer. those little orange based bulbs are used in the earlier all red display dashes but i'm 99% sure yours don't use them. the audi repair manual known as "elsa" shows dash bulb locations for up to 1999 models only. the following is cut-and-paste from the repair manual..... Note On the Audi A4/S4, all control lamps are equipped with LEDs which means that if one control lamp malfunctions the instrument cluster must be replaced. -
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@bretb, friends and i have used bba for about 1/2 dozen abs modules and assorted other stuff. so far their turn around time is not "molasses-ish" and doing your same cluster can save in reprogramming problems. -