2002 BMW 325Ci Q&A

2002 BMW 325Ci Question: leathers seats

on my bmw it has black leather seats, the seats are in a good conditon excepts for some minor scuffs, the dealer wants 2500 for new one is their any way to fix them my self -
Answer 1
Try a auto upholstery shop sometimes dealers use a vinyl/leather repair company to freshen up the interiors, I always used the same vinyl repairman to fix scuffs and tears at my bodyshop, He changed around $75 for a average repair and when he was finished you couldn't tell the repaired area from the other areas. -
Answer 2
Your leather can be "dyed" by an upholstery repair person. They basically get resprayed, like painting a car, to look like new. If you have a good dealer their used car department will have contracted someone to do this on their used car inventory. Ask around the dealer. A service advisor might be able to point you in the right direction. -