Check Engine Light With Code P0170 on Toyota Tacoma

Occasionally, the mass air flow sensor can go lean and set a code P0170 for fuel system lean. This in not an oxygen sensor problem. If there are no vacuum leaks, the mass air flow sensor may need to be replaced. Our technicians remind us to use a factory part because the aftermarket rebuilds are very inconsistent.

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Average mileage: 163,750 (110,000–235,000)
4 model years affected: 1995, 1996, 1997, 1999 more
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1995 Toyota Tacoma235,000
Don't buy a new Mass Air a Flow Sensor. Clean the old one. I've cleaned the old one 2 or 3 times now -- still have factory original. Can easily be accessed and cleaned with a Q-tip and rubbing alcohol.
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1997 Toyota Tacoma170,000
just took electrical cleaner to the sensor, worsk fine now.
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1997 Toyota Tacoma140,000
Mine did this. Cleaned it with a can of spray injector cleaner. Warning. Spray softly, mass air flow sensor has very fine wire elements in it that can be damaged.
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