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1995 Ford F-150 Question: Leaking transmission pan/gasket

I had transmission filter service done. Pan kept leaking. Bought new pan, good rubber coated metal gasket. STILL LEAKS! Is there any suggestions as to what I might consider? -
Answer 1
Are you 100% sure it's leaking from the pan? I've had some leaks that appear to be from one place, but come from somewhere else. The pan is where most oil that leaks from above will accumulate, and it can look like the pan is leaking. -
Comment 1
Oh yeah, it's the pan. I've been working at this for a long time now. Old pan was warped/bent. New pan is also junk, pot metal crap, from dealer. Do I have to spend $200.00 for aluminum cast performance pan? Thanks for answer/reply. 69kugerxr7 -
Comment 2
If you have stock a Ford oil pan, then it should seal OK, I mean they don't all leak, right? What kind of seal are you using? And gasket sealer? How much are you torquing the pan belts to? -
Comment 3
Gasket is rubber coated metal(optimum application)sealant is not required, nor is it good. Bolts are torqued to specs. -
Comment 4
Guess what? Leak was coming from o-ring,at bottom of dipstick tube. Puhleeze! Thanks again, for input. 69kugerxr7 -
Comment 5
Yeah, that makes sense. I've run into similar problems as well. -
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