1999 Dodge Stratus Q&A

1999 Dodge Stratus Question: Leaking transmission fluid

Im leaking transmission fluid from what i think is a transmission coolant line. Is this costly to have repaired About how long does it take to repair and how much will it cost. -
Answer 1
If you can access the leak area, you can buy a cooler line repair kit at a NAPA parts store, for about $30 bucks and do the job yourself, I have repaired a lot of cooler line leaks in shops this way. Best of Luck! -
Comment 1
Thank you . I took my car for this transmission leak to two different places 1st one said it was leaking from transmission fluid cooler & fluid line $ 460 they said i also needed to replace cooler unit Next place a family owned business listed on this website and they said it was just the transmission coolent line and the cost around $ 280 for parts & labor wow how do I know one says one thing anouther has anouther the family owned has done a lot of work for us in the past and i think thay have been honest and done a great job for us and my son. Does this price sound fair? -
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