Leaking radiator hose on 1996 Ford Taurus

I find a small puddle of clear liquid, under the motor,and near my left front wheel, after parking, after driving a while. Opening the hood and looking down from over the liquid spot, the only area that has a possible leak site, is the point where the radiator hose is connectec to the radiator. If that iis where the problem lies, how much should it cost to replace the hose?

by in Santa Clara, CA on December 05, 2009
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ANSWER by , December 06, 2009
clear iquid is not green the color of antifreeze, nor red as transmission fluid, nor black as oil so if it is after you have been running the ac maybe it is condensation some people really mistake this for a leak of some type.however brake fluid is clear and the master cylinder is exactcly where you say the leak is happening so maybe give it the put your finger into the fluid test and smell and feel what type fluid we are looking at. Hope this helps you.
COMMENT by , December 06, 2009
Thanks for your response. Sounds like you know what it's all about. I really think it might be a loose or cracked radiator hose, even tho the liquid is not as green as radiator fluid. (I'm probably wrong, tho.) The air condition condensation usually drips on the right side. I'll be taking it in for a look-see tomorrow. I used to do all this kind of stuff myself. But I'm getting too old now. Thanks again.
COMMENT by , December 07, 2009
yea i to am old school but i still love to work on cars even though they change quicker than the music we like to here.let me know what they tell you,however this website is really neat to help one another out to allow us to not only save money but time in something simple we can do ourselves. Also if your hoses are in dry rot condition and they do change them have the radiator cap replaced also. many times we lose our fluids to this instead of getting it back to our resavoir. be talkin at you airforce1
ANSWER by , December 05, 2009
I'm sorry my crystal is broke. It could be a hose. It also could be a radiator. You need to have it professionally checked out. We are MECHANICS not magicians.
COMMENT by , December 16, 2010
You're a jerk-you need to see a mechanic to repair your social skills....