leaking power steering between the master brake & brake power booster ? on 2005 GMC Yukon XL Denali

what do i need to change to fix that leak and how much can cost me that.

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if your leaking p/s fluid it must be a hydraboost system. poss hydraboost rear seals are bad
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is your pedal spongy if so you probably need a master cyl
CORRECTION...a spongy brake pedal does NOT mean a bad master cylinder...a LOW or SINKING pedal are signs the master cylinder is failing.
And leaking POWER STEERING fluid will NEVER cause a master cylinder to fail!
when my hydro booster ran out of power steering fluid my break started to failhey vehicle with hydro booster has a ride to actuatesyour breakmaster cylinder I do not know which one is going outso I believe that the booster does affect your master cylinder