leaking oil at head on 1997 Dodge Neon

leaking oil at head

by in Spencer, WI on November 23, 2010
1 answer
ANSWER by on November 23, 2010
change the head gasket
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96 Dodge Neon with huge oil leak that looks like is coming from back of engine. Was told it could be a main seal. Checking to see if this sounds right and estimate to fix
An engine Oil leak may develop at the cam sensor o-ring seal. Our technicians tell us this is often misdiagnosed as an external head gasket leak.
i'm burning through a lot of anti-freeze. i dont see it leaking anywhere and its not mixing with the oil. the anti-freeze is not blowing out the tail pipe or leaking from the heater core. diagnosti...
oil leaking into radiator,took apart, head looks ok one site says use dodge gasket sealer...is that true?
There was a problem with porous cylinder head castings that allowed oil to leak into the coolant. The low oil pressure light would come on intermittently due to low oil level and excessive oil coul...

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