1993 Plymouth Voyager Q&A

1993 Plymouth Voyager Question: leaking oil

I have to put about two courts of oil in a week. What do you think is wrong? -
Answer 1
I would start with the Valve cover gaskets first, unless you have already done them. -
Answer 2
A little more info needed and possibly some more testing. First off, is it leaking badly under the vehicle? If so, something has failed like a gasket or sender. Otherwise, the oil is being consumed by the engine. Possible causes for consumption is valve guides, rings, or the PCV system. -
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It will occasionally stall out when I turn and stop. but the oil light comes on almost everytime I am stopped or slowing down.
how much would it cost to fix a leak in a transmission and is it okay to switch to synthetic oil
Oil leaks at the valve cover gaskets and cam plugs at the rear of the cylinder heads are common.
Common areas for engine oil leaks include the camshaft plug, camshaft seal (sprocket end), valve cover gaskets, cylinder head g...
Timing cover oil and coolant leaks are common, the oil and coolant don't normally mix. Our technicians recommend to replace the timing chain and cam sprocket if the timing cover is removed to resea...