leaking oil on 2000 GMC Jimmy

I have a small leak in the front of my car with the oil. I believe it is in the two hoses in the front of the car. It leaks when I turn my car off and there is oil all under the front of the car which makes me beleive that it leaks when I am driving as well. Is there anyway I could fix this problem myself or should I take it to a professional? I am pretty sure it is in the front two hoses because that is where the oil is and where the oil leaks on the ground.

2 answers
Its sounds like your transmission cooler lines have a leak, You need to address this because if the line fails when driving it could damage your transmission. Have a mechanic check this right away.
Depending on your comfort level, and tools available, the cooler lines can be done. I do recommend finding a repair manual at your local auto parts store for your Blazer to have as a reference. You will need to refill any fluid that is lost during the hose replacement so make sure you have the correct type of fluid available at the time of repair.