leaking coolant seal at transmission on 2006 Buick Lucerne

Found a small leak in garage floor. Local Buick dealer says it is a coolant leak that requires the engine to be removed to replace a rear seal. car has just turned 35k miles this past week and out of warranty by about 75 days. . anyone else know of this problem,if so plaease adise.

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first of all, i would appeal to a zone rep for warranty. it should be covered.
there is no seal in the back but there are freeze plugs that require removing the motor or trans.

they called it a seal at the rear of the engine. I had the motor mount replaced in May 2009 to correct a vibration, and they had to raise the engine to do this. is this a possible cause since the mileage is so low. ??
I doubt it. you would have had an issue immediately. the only seal back there is a rear main seal but that is an oil seal. confused on the dealers reccomendations.
anyway, persue the warranty. they have grace periods that allow the service managers leway to cover it under warranty for an additional 90 days. be persistent.

Roy, thanks for the info on the 90 day grace period. I called GM and explained the situation and gave them the info on the warranty expiring about 82 days prior to the leak. They are going to replace the seal and cover, also replaced the water pump that was leaking, and my total cost will be $200.00

Thanks to you ,it would have have been a bill of over $1000.00 without knowing about the 90 day period. Thanks again.