1996 Ford Mustang GT Q&A

1996 Ford Mustang GT Question: leaking coolant put jasper motor in 2 years ago motor has about 9000 miles on it

can see drops of coolant on top left front of motor not a lot toped off drove 300 miles low again 4.6 ford mustang 96 gt -
Answer 1
Retorque (new i hope) intake. Recheck all hose clamps ect. -
Comment 1
was a complete motor -
Comment 2
Take it to a repair shop and get it fixed. Call Jasper, who put it in the car, get them to look at for you. What kind of warranty did you get with a fully assembled engine? -
Comment 3
3yr 1000000 but when i called jasper they said if its intake manafold gasket its only covered for the first year from date of purchase -
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That sucks! Try what i suggested before. -