1996 Oldsmobile 88 Q&A

1996 Oldsmobile 88 Question: Leaking coolant on top right hand side of engine not alot maybe a cup every othe

Leaking coolant but not running hot -
Answer 1
Most common mystery leak at that location on this 3.8 engine is the plastic 90° heater hose connector in front of intake manifold, NOT the manifold,, "that get the blame",, but the connector has cracked. Suggest using improved metal type NAPA part # 6601942. Best to have a mechanic do a pressure test and then the parts replacement! It's called a hose connector but it actually connects the manifold to the belt tensioner assembly which coolant passes through! Sounds crazy don't it!!... Just get a mechanic to replace it. There is another one that comes with that part #, it too goes into the tensioner, 'good ' mechanic will know what to do!! -
Answer 2
Is it leaking by the water pump side or the top of the engine and running down. -