Leaking anti freeze from...? on 2002 Cadillac Eldorado

About 2 weeks ago the display in my car read "check coolant", I checked the reservoir and saw that I needed to put some dex-cool in, I filled it up, I have noticed a smell once in a while, but wasn't sure of what it was, today I saw a decent sized puddle under the front of the car on the passenger side, right in front, it happened when I had the car on, and in park for about 5 minutes, after I got home I saw it leaking a little bit after I had turned it off, just a few drops, but I went to drive it to the store, and "check coolant" came up again, Any help would be awesome!! :) Thank you!

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there is a black reservoir on the passenger side of car where you fill your anti freeze at the bottom of it there is a small nipple where one hose attaches to it. this tends to crack and leak there you will have to replace the whole reservoir to fix it but it is not hard to do just a couple bolts and hoses.
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sounds like you got a water pump leaking or a hole in your rad hose