Large amount of white smoke from exhaust or under body;oil leaking on the ground on 2000 Audi A6 Quattro

car had been making a siren like sound and sometimes a rattling sound between 20 and 40 mph. Trans mechanic said vacuum leak or turbos gone bad. Mechanic said turbos don't go bad bring it in to check it. Today the siren noise stopped for a minute and when I accelerated huge clouds of smoke came from the rear of the car almost covering the entire street behind me. I could smell oil and and the muffler was covered wet with oil.Now the mechanic says the engine is blown. Engine,turbos, or ?

Sounds like turbo seals leaking. You live in the right place
to find a car if you need one. Or maybe not. Have seals checked.
Does oil leak onto ground or just smoke from tail pipe? If just
smoking from pipe seals,if leaking a bunch of oil could be eng.
Your mechanic should know which. Good luck.
Never leaked oil until today. There was enough smoke to put out a forest fire. Covered the entire street behind me. I noticed all the oil after I Pulled over. Problem with the turbo repair; is that,so I'm told, you must first pull the engine out..estimated 20 to 30 hours labor. 125/hr dealership and 65 per other shops and we haven't even talked about parts.
S..t, well it ain't gona be cheap in either case. Liked the photo if thats any
consolation. Also if turbo seals rupture a BUNCH of smoke will come out
of exhaust.Enough to put out a forest fire!! But should not drop oil on
the ground in excessive amounts. Hope this helps.
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sounds like turbo seals ar bad.they are saying not turbo to poss get u in the door for a 120.00 est