2008 Land Rover LR3 Problem Reports

Newest 2008 Land Rover LR3 Problem Reports

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Land Rover LR3 vehicles were shipped with a Hitachi air suspension compressor, which wears out prematurely, causing the air suspension to become disabled since it cannot pressurize the system within the calibrated time frame. If the fault becomes active when the suspension is at "normal" height, the suspension is locked, preventing it from raising or lowering with a warning message "Normal Height Only". If the suspension is lowered when the ...

Loose parking parking brake cables under the vehicle can rub against the driveshaft (sometimes called propeller shaft) and cause a thumping noise while driving.

A failed vehicle height sensor can cause deactivation of the air suspension.

A creaking noise from the passenger side of the dashboard can be caused by the arm for the heater blend door motor. Replacement of the blend door motor may need to be replaced to correct this concern.

Our technicians report the exterior door handles and Land Rover emblems tend to fade prematurely.

Loose connections at the head lamp assemblies are common causes for inoperative turn signals.
The tire pressure monitoring control module is known to indicate a defective wheel pressure sensor, when it is really the control module itself that has failed. Careful diagnostic should be performed for this repair.
The crankshaft main bearing carriers can be the source of an engine oil leak.
Our technicians report that the brake light bulbs tend to burn out quickly.
Vehicles that are left parked for extended periods of time (weeks) can see a low battery voltage. A weak battery can cause a "no start" condition or multiple systems may act erratically.

Premature activation of the dynamic stability control (DSC) can be caused by uneven tire pressures.