2005 Land Rover LR3 Questions

Answered 2005 Land Rover LR3 Questions

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and now the brake light has started to come on and go off
what could cause it to come on?
Do any of the shops in or around Cedar Rapids, IA program th remotes for Land Rovers? Or do I have to drive to Des Moines?
need to fix lower control arms ( front )and how much it will be the cost ?
So I'm deciding to save money by doing my own service on my Lr3. Any advice on doing an oil change? Difficult?
check engine light comes on once in a while
right side loses air in shocks overnight. lets down overnight
message:transmission fault traction reduced. ABS (steady amber) DSC/ETC (steady amber) not always on--sometimes they go out but always the same combination..any ideas?
Where do you check the fluid level in the transfer case?
I've been switching out my headlights now once per month. What's causing them to burn out so fast?
Whenever I go to fill my tank, it only reads 3/4 full. What is causing it?