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exhaust has two front and two rear sensors...........
Recently we had the horn buttons replaced. The battery was disconnected at the time. The temperature is now in Celsius.
Is there any benefit to preemptively replacing the oil pump before it fails and ruins the engine. what are your recommendations.
I'm thinking of buying a land rover 2003 for $1500. Its a beautiful truck an I'm pretty good with working on my own vehicles but never messed with transmissions. Just wondering if it can be put into low or high gear a...
There isn't any thread for a nut to screw on, I don't know what was keeping them intact before cause it broke off suddenly. please help!!
fuel pump doesn't come on when cranking engine. pump works when bypassed
Was thinking to purchase a used Land Rover but it needs an oil seal. The price is good depending on how much it cost for the oil seal service.
I have replaced the back brakes thinking that would fix the problem but it still continues to happen. It drives fine but as I am driving it will start binging and then all the braking system and towing system lights ...
i have had the misfortune of getting in a minor accident where both airbags were deployed in addition to some body damage on the front right panel and door. My insurance company is stating the car is totaled primarily...
How to turn this feature on (car locks automatically at 5 mph and unlocks when placed in neutral) without going to the dealership
how much to replace u joint?a friend says its bad ang the transmission will fall like it did before ,i replaced the transmission a year ago and the problem is arising again .please help me noone wants to touch it.i ne...
I bought it used and the valve cover was leaking when I got it.
How much should it cost to repair power steering leak