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these lights are the large off road lights not my lower fog lights which work fine
the tumblers in the ignition switch are sprung and now my car wont start. got a new key maid and still it wont turn on how do you remove the ignition switch from steering column i need a diagram of how to remove it
Entered vehicle and my control panel was lite up with NO key inserted. Inserted key, lights went out, battery dead. Is this a sign of a charging problem or a battery problem? or both?
i have code p o305 detected
I hooked up the blower motor directly to the battery and it worked, I get 12 volts on the motor plug, all fuses,relays, and connectors are good, so what could be the problem?
It also has a vibration, but may be due to the aggressive new off road tires. The clicking noise sounds like a card in the spokes of a bike. the vehicle runs fine and shifts from lo/hi without issue, but the clicking ...
It happens everytime I rotate the steering wheel to the left or right. It is not something I feel, it is something I hear. I think it is coming from the steering box. Any suggestions?
hoses, alternator and battery. It's like it is flooded when you try to start it. What might be causing this? Please advise...
i went in the house for about 20min. and came out side to get in my car and i could not open the door
My Anti Freeze is leaking from what it appears to be my engine, Is this a common problem, how much do you think it will cost to repair, my check engine light is starting to flash on and off as well, this has been happ...
having a problem with getting the vehicle out of park,stuck will not move,please help
The SRS light is on, any thoughts?