Lack of power sputters when when appling throttle on 1997 Pontiac Sunfire

Replaced Coils, Plugs & Wires, PCV, EGR, CAT, Fuel Filter, Cables to Bat, All fuses Good, Lack of power sputters when when appling throttle. Can not accelerate going upgrade over 5%. Starts well. any ideas would be appreciated

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We had similar issues with a 1999 Sunfire 2.2L.
Connected timing light to each plug wire to see plugs 1 & 4 were not firing so swapped coils and that made no difference.
Took ignition control module [that the coil packs connect to to Autozone [they test for free] to find it as the culprit. went to a pick & pull [wrecking yard] for another and took it to Autozone to see that it was ok [ and that if it wasn't I'd take it back to junk yard to get my $30 back]

That fixed the low power issue.

I also seem to recall that Autozone also printed out replacement directions that included using dielectric grease to aid in cooling of the control module.

There is an aluminum mounting plate it bolts to and I greased the aluminum portion of the ICM [Ignition Control Module] and bolted the coils back on, reconnected the two electrical connections and the negative battery cable and it started fine and had spark to all plugs and had a good test drive. . .

I hope this helps you,.

Other areas to check if the ICM is not the problem would be the wiring between the ICM and the cars' computer control unit or the computer unit itself?

A further note is that if you need to take the car to the dealer to check the computer unit it might be best to tow it as running the car on two cyls might harm the cat converter which would add more to the repair?
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Check the fuel pressure, exhaust back-pressure, ignition timing...all these can have the symptoms you describe