Suzuki Reno Problem Report

Suzuki Reno Check Engine Light and Lack of Power

(14 reports)

A lack of power concern may develop accompanied by illumination of the Check Engine Light and several fault codes stored. This condition may be caused by a failed MAP sensor which will require replacement with an updated part.

Engine stutters and engine light comes on, lack of power symtoms like it is out of gas -
Check engine light ALL THE TIME despite repeated visits to shop. Sputters and stalls when stops -- but not consistently. at times, loses power and won't travel faster than 15 miles an hour. Have to stop the car, turn it off and restart it. Have replaced multiple sensors, belts, head gasket, etc. No fix. -
Just replaced the battery still under warranty. Then the check engine light came on, car hesitating like about to run out of gas at stops and take off, hard to crank. The code ran at the auto shop is p0107 map sensor. 237 parts and labor. havnt picked up from shop yet. -
It's not fixed was toed today but engine light was on did not show fault went off car slowed down jumped gears loss of power sounded like a tank and cut out afew times while at red light fault found and today it stopped altogether -
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