Lack of power on 2004 Acura TSX

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Im experiencing a huge lack of power with my car I've change the spark plugs and tested the compression and fuel pressure and every thing is perfect. I've even done an ignition stress test and the coils are beyond perfect. I need a little help with this and it's all the time cold weather hot weather I use super 93 octane gasoline and from Sunoco and I clearly am just frustrated its at 110k now and ive done my oil changed every 5k with mobile 1 synthetic , also vtec seems to only engage when ever it wants tested both at wot under heavy load and it only wants to activate when ever it wants idle is perfect and need some advise on some other things to check could it be a map sensor issue or a cam actuator going bad....? Also no dtc at all and no after market mods and the car is 6spd manual
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Your problem could be VVT sprocket stuck and not advanceing cam timing. This usally happens in poorly maintained engines that oil passeages get stopped up that provide pressure to VVT. It does have electronic controls so this system is something that should be checked. Restricted exhaust could be another direction. VVt sprocket requires removal of timing chain so you might ought to think of investing diagnosis with a professional that is familiar with your type of car.