Lack of clutch pressure on 1990 Mitsubishi Mighty Max

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Have lack of clutch pressure if I torque pressure plate bolts to specified torque of 12-14 ft/lbs. Specifically, there's too much distance between release bearing and pressure plate. Pressure plate fingers are nearly flat at this point. Net result is foot pedal travels to floor without engaging clutch. Any suggestions as to what to do or what to investigate?
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Be absolutely sure that your parts are an exact fit to the old ones by stacking them and the measuring the height. Also, be sure that your are putting the friction disc in correctly, with the springs facing the correct way.
After many trials and tribulations, turns out problem was the clutch lever. Original snapped for unknown reasons last year and was replaced with junk yard pick. I've had some problems engaging clutch since. Turns out the replacement was either wrong design or was bent, restricting how far forward it would travel before striking bell housing. Put some heat to it, bent the lever so it travels forward farther, and now release bearing can engage release plate. Also had to put original cable back in, as it happens to be .25 inch shorter than new replacement.