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Kraft German Auto Incorporated

1107 E 56th St, Brooklyn, NY 11234

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The Dealer AlternativeSpecializing in Mercedes-Benz Diagnostics.
In additions to the Specialties below, we perform Engine and Electrical diagnostics, Flexible Services, and Battery/Alternator related repair.
Affiliated with the Mercedes-Benz Advisory Board, Mercedes-Benz Club of America and we are members of LMV Technical Support.

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Muffler & Exhaust Oil Change & Lube Service & Repair Tire Sales/Repair
Transmission Repair Windshield/Glass


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Kraft German Auto Incorporated
April 25, 2011

Steve and his staff have been the best for my 2004 c230 MB sport. I find his prices fair and the service the best. I have been a customer for three years. I did go to the dealership before going to Kraft German. I know I've saved money on both parts and work. I highly recommend this repair shop!

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Kraft German Auto Incorporated
April 01, 2011

I am not one to write reviews on websites. However, I felt that after being a repeat customer of KRAFT for the last six years, It was time to share my experience with all my fellow Mercedes owners. I initially found out about KRAFT through the little discount pamphlets that KRAFT advertises through via regular mail. At the time I was the proud owner of a CLK430 and a strictly loyal and dedicated patron of my local MB dealership. I knew I was paying top dollar to the dealer for any repair or service that was needed, but always thought that the dealer knows best. I was however starting to get frustrated with the feeling that every time I took my car to the dealer with a minor issue, two or three other issues were immediately found. My typical $300-$400 service always ended up being 1K or higher due to things that the dealer found that needed immediate correction. This was not one or two isolated incidents, it was every single time I took my car in. Needless to say my feeling of being suckered by the dealer kept growing, and was confirmed when a friend of mine introduced me to someone he knew that used to work at that specific Brooklyn MB dealership. The guy said "Hey, don't you know they (dealer service dept) work on commission and the more they find wrong with your car, the more they take home at the end of the week"? Even if your vehicle isn't in need of a particular repair or part change, they will make you feel like it is just to meet their numbers.
Two months later I started having an issue with my CLK suspension. It was one of those things where you know something is wrong with your car, but you're not quite sure what it is. it was not that bad, but knowing my car, I knew there was an issue. Reluctantly I took it to the dealer for inspection and repair. I ended up paying over $400 for review and diagnosis, but they could not tell me what the issue was. They said "nothing is wrong", despite the fact that I knew the car felt different. I was disgusted with the fact that I had to pay $400 for nothing, despite the fact that I was a repeat customer and actually purchased that CLK430 from that Dealership. I had enough. I remembered the flyer from KRAFT, did a little web search and found their number and made an appointment. Seeing that i was hesitant to trust my car with anyone but the dealer, Steve (owner) introduced himself and gave me a full rundown about KRAFT, their experience, and the way they go about doing business. Oh and by the way, he found the problem I was having within an hour of having my vehicle.....the same one the dealer could not identify for days.
I eventually sold that CLK430 and moved up to a CLK55. The CLK55 went away as well in favor of a SL55. So the cars have changed, but the one thing that has stayed the same for the last 6 years is my dedication to KRAFT German Auto, and my appreciation of the Top-Notch work that Steve, Craig and the rest of their crew do on my car whenever I need it. No, they are not as cheap as some local shops may be, but at the same time they are not the leeches you will find at the dealership, and their work is second to none. I would not trust anyone else, including the dealer with my SL55, and truly believe that the knowledge and level of expertise that Steve has with these cars is unmatched. If you have an issue with your Benz, and no one seems to know whats wrong, or if you simply are tired of the shenanigans you get from a dealer, you must come and visit KRAFT. Needles to say, I have nothing but great things to say about this place, highly recommend it to anyone I know who drives a Benz, and encourage you to see what a real expert in the art of fine German engineering can do.

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Kraft German Auto Incorporated
October 25, 2010

(Message to Kraft)

After pondering the bill I received for the work completed, I was extremely disappointed based on a number of factors. I now regret rushing to have the vehicle finished for the weekend as it simply put a sour note on it from the start. In essence, the work I requested to be performed was essentially “bolt-on” and/or replacement of stock items. On a diagnostic perspective, no electronic or analog troubleshooting/data logging had been completed on the vehicle to remedy the problem. With that said, I felt as if Kraft took advantage of the situation.

I understand you have a policy of only installing parts you have purchased, however to discredit items that were in fact made by an MB vendor and/or up charging the items is disingenuous. At a multitude of locations, I have found the items you purchased at or around the following price points:

Distributor Cap: Bosch 90 USD NEW compared to 190 USD from KRAFT
Spark Plug Wires: Bosh 99 USD NEW compared to 180 USD from KRAFT
Fuel Injectors: Bosch 30 USD NEW compared to 54 USD from KRAFT (I did NOT get a deal as you stated)
Oil Filter: A Mann Filter is a direct replacement for MB parts. I lived in Stuttgart for 6 years so this was not a surprise.

To add insult to injury, the parts you refused to install had more components made in Germany (by Mercedes suppliers) then the Bosch items. I found the quality to be higher as well. More to the point, to explain to me that the parts are inferior and that you typically purchase the items to guarantee authenticity is not accurate. If a customer can purchase the same items for less than half of retail, then is a statement of fact and something that should be shared. I was essentially overcharged by over 650 USD and essentially there is nothing I can do about it than share it with you and the public.

I sincerely hope you proceed with a bit more of a straight forward approach with your customers as they are to be viewed as clients and not targets.

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Kraft German Auto Incorporated
October 19, 2009

i took my car to kraft german auto because i had a leak right above the windshield. i took it to the dealer where i purchased the car and they looked at me like i had 4 heads. i then brought it to kraft and steve looked at the car and found this tiny leak and never told me that i was going crazy. i will never take my car to the dealer any more.

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Kraft German Auto Incorporated
October 19, 2009

I had a minor accident with my 2006 E350. The folks at Kraft were so attentive to every issue no matter how small. I had the car back in a snap and it runs as well if not better than the day I started driving it. I hope never to have another accident, but if I do, there is no doubt as to where my Mercedes will be repaired, KRAFT GERMAN AUTO.

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Kraft German Auto Incorporated
October 15, 2009

I am very happy to sing the praises of Kraft Auto. I came to Steve about three years ago with my 2003 E 320. I heard a strange noise in the front of the car. I bought the car to the dealer from where I had bought the car. After being in their repair dept for 3 days I received a call stating they could not locate or copy the noise. My neighbor also owns an MB and recommended Kraft to me. After meeting Steve I understood what my neighbor meant that “as soon as you meet Steve you will feel comfortable and confident that he is the right guy to solve your problem.” My neighbor was dead right, my car was repaired and ready for me to pick up the very next day. Since that time I have had minor repairs and scheduled preventative that Kraft has taken care of in a timely and professional manner. For those who are thinking about trying Kraft I say “do it” you’ll be glad you did.

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Kraft German Auto Incorporated
October 14, 2009

I had my Mercedes serviced at this wonderful place and I would recommend it to anyone. Quality of service, turn around time and staff's work ethic is great and the shop is the cleanest I have seen.

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