Knoking noise HELP! on 2001 GMC Yukon Denali

My truck makes a cliking/knocking noise when i turn sharply at slow speeds, 10mph or less. the probles is that it comes from the back side, between rear differential and transmission. Dose that mean my trani is going bad or its a differential problem? Also last week i notice my engine shots off while turning sharply

the differential is probably a limited slip and the clutches may be slipping. there is an additive to install that will increase adhesion. it is inexpensive and take it to a shop for installation.

Does this have anything to do with the noise it make while driving it at hight speeds when the gas pedal is released?
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My 2002 Denali does the same thing only after driving some distance when everything is hot. It ussually only happens in warm weather. Had to dealer 4 times and they could not find the problem.
i found out it was the tranfer case... was changed for o new one. resently i took a read trip to Geoagia and it runs like new.