Knock/Pop Noise from the Steering Column when Turning on Mercury Mariner

Looseness in the steering shaft and steering shaft coupling U-joint can cause a knocking / popping noise from the steering column when turning. The steering shaft and coupling U-joint will need to be replaced.

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Average mileage: 93,480 (54,500–170,000)
5 model years affected: 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, more2010
35 people reported this problem
18 people shared problem details
When making a sharp turn my steering wheel made this popping pop once..the steering was fine but I am worried that it my be a serious issue
Its been making a loud knock from what seems to b the middle of the steering wheel, i cant feel it in my feet (or feel like its comming from outside the vehicle) just in my hands (the steering wheel) and it only seems to happen when i make hard right or left turns.
Knocking and popping and even some creeking when I turn the wheel. Doesn't happen all the time, just started happening a week ago. Had my car for three months now. Had someone look at it today, they suggested the steering knuckle. Ive been told it could be the rack and pinion. Yikes !!!!! to be continued....
each time I turn there is a pop noise, even if I turn right or left.
knocking / popping noise and loose steering wheel. :( just had it in for the recall 18 days ago. Now it will cost 1400$ to repair.
popping and vibration during steering maneuvers - local Ford dealer quoted $1,200(labor and parts)to replace worn U-bolts, and perform necessary alignment.
This has been happening for some time now. I first noticed it last year. There is a knocking noise in the steering column when I turn tight radius was sometimes. I didn't realize this could be dangerous! Now that there is a recall for power steering issues in 2008 - 2012 models it sounds like they should be extending this recall to 2006 models too!
Replace drive shaft. Also , while ignition switch& cylinder worn out& finally unable to start car...cost $485 for ignition switch etc.Replacement alone, does include tow cost...but, still seems very costly. Drive shaft will be another $285. !!!! So frustrated with this car!
Single knock when making sharp turns.
2005 Mercury Mariner121,439
Knocking sound when I am turning the steering wheel.
Knocking in steering
Steering noise and thumping when turning steering wheel.
i fo problem and repaired it found the that ii repaired it for only 185.00 there is a hole in the firewall that made it very easy it only took 1.5 hours i am asc macanic they really took the people on job they shoud revoke that bills
just pops and shakes
Replace steering shaft and u joint. Known issue with Ford as they have newer part numbers that supersede the old ones.
Haven't fixed this problem yet. Just started yesterday. Just purchased this car 5 weeks ago used.
Found the U-joint bad, took it to the dealer for repair. Ford has to have more Quality and Reliability to their cars. Repairs today are costly in this economy.
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