Mercury Mariner Problem Report

Mercury Mariner Knock/Pop Noise from the Steering Column when Turning

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Looseness in the steering shaft and steering shaft coupling U-joint can cause a knocking / popping noise from the steering column when turning. The steering shaft and coupling U-joint will need to be replaced.

knocking / popping noise and loose steering wheel. :( just had it in for the recall 18 days ago. Now it will cost 1400$ to repair. -
popping and vibration during steering maneuvers - local Ford dealer quoted $1,200(labor and parts)to replace worn U-bolts, and perform necessary alignment. -
When making a sharp turn my steering wheel made this popping pop once..the steering was fine but I am worried that it my be a serious issue -
i fo problem and repaired it found the that ii repaired it for only 185.00 there is a hole in the firewall that made it very easy it only took 1.5 hours i am asc macanic they really took the people on job they shoud revoke that bills -
each time I turn there is a pop noise, even if I turn right or left. -
This has been happening for some time now. I first noticed it last year. There is a knocking noise in the steering column when I turn tight radius was sometimes. I didn't realize this could be dangerous! Now that there is a recall for power steering issues in 2008 - 2012 models it sounds like they should be extending this recall to 2006 models too! -
just pops and shakes -
Replace steering shaft and u joint. Known issue with Ford as they have newer part numbers that supersede the old ones. -
Haven't fixed this problem yet. Just started yesterday. Just purchased this car 5 weeks ago used. -
Found the U-joint bad, took it to the dealer for repair. Ford has to have more Quality and Reliability to their cars. Repairs today are costly in this economy. -
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