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1996 Buick Century Question: knocking sound

my car started knocking and yesterday it wanted to cut out. putting my foot on the gas pedal and it didnt want to go. what could be the problem thank you -
Answer 1
same exact problem im having now....im guessing by the date of ur post that u have it repaired now, but what was the problem because i need to fix mine lol -
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...still doing all the right stuff) but now only 45 miles after new oil and plugs there is a loud knocking sound coming from the back side of the motor. any answers?or answer?
Timing gears may wear causing a mild to severe knocking noise from the front of the engine. Replacement of the timing gears is necessary.
What do make the knocking noise in the engine when you give gas? all the fluids are full.It only make the noise when gas is giving. Doesn't matter what gear you are in.
These may be separate problems but when I start the car it immediately begins making a rattling noise like a nickel vibrating in a tin can. I tracked it down to the pulley in the serpentine belt fo...
Now when im driving and i slow down or brake there is a knocking sound.