Honda Accord Problem Report

Honda Accord Knocking Noise From Rear of Vehicle

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One or both of the rear sway bar end links may break resulting in a knocking noise from the rear of the vehicle.

Bought vehicle used and inspected at dealer. Replaced links. -
Knocking noise...noticied the drivers side was broken...I bought the replacement from honda and installed myself...easy fix. -
$160 to replace both sides since it comes in a kit of 2. -
Knocking at the rear. Still going on. -
Had them replaced in April 2011. Now they're knocking again. -
Had this replaced -
rear sway bar went bad, identified by knocking sound when reversing, replaced sway bar/bars -
Broken left rear sway bar link. 114,000 miles and now the left front one has broken. -
my sway bar had to be replaced.. my mechanic did not tell me this was common for Honda's... I'm thinking my 1988 Honda was a better car than my 2001... -
Definitely heard the 'Ka-chunk' whenever leaving my driveway. It is a known defect, the dealer fixed this issue! -
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