Honda Pilot Problem Report

Honda Pilot Noise From Front Suspension Due to Worn Stabilizer Links

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A knock or clunk type noise may be noted from the front suspension over bumps. This is can caused by worm stabilizer (sway) bar links. Replacing both stabilizer bar links will commonly repair this issue.

Noise really began around 100,000 and been driving (carefully) on it for 55k miles! Repair shop tells me it is not going to hurt anything, just creates an annoying noise! -
Dealer replaced stabilizer links, no help. Then they replaced motor mount, no help. What next? -
This is an intermittent problem which makes it very hard to get fixed. There is a loud knocking sound coming from the front right. It only happens when you accelerate (immediately). When it's "bad" it sounds like hitting the frame with a hammer - a loud clunking noise. When you step on the brake, it sometimes makes a noise like it's "winding up" and then sure enough as soon as you take off, CLUNK. It happens badly about 30% of the time, and to a much lesser extent 30% of the time, and doesn't happen at all 40% of the time. It's been to an independent shop twice, and the dealer three times, nobody can figure it out. Spent over $1000 so far. Dealer says "just drive it, don't worry about it" but when it's "bad" it sounds like the wheel is about to fall off. -
Clicking noise from front driver side when going over bumps. -
knocking sound when turning left -
rumbling knocking noise on drivers side when going over small bumps. It has been happening for years local mechanic couldn't find it. -
Noise coming from right front. Sounds like you are running over small bumps. Dealer said bad strut, but it was stablilizer link bushing worn out. -
Every once in a while the front end sounds like someone hits the frame with a hammer. I wiggled front end parts and couldn't duplicate any sound at all. Love my Pilot. -
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