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Dodge Avenger Knocking Noise From the AC Compressor

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A knocking sound my be heard from the engine at times with the air conditioning on. The cause could be the AC compressor itself, if that is the case there is an updated AC compressor to correct this issue.

I hear a knocking noise that seems to be coming from the under the glove compartment. I only hear it when i turn on the air conditioner. So frustrating since i just replaced the alternator, pulleys and serpentine belt. What else is going to go wrong with this car....its only 4yrs old. -
Knocking noise happens after I turn off the heat or air conditioning... Goes away after a few knocks but is annoying and load when it happens ... -
When the a/c is on it is fine. A loud knocking noise starts when you turn on the recirculate button on the a/c. Eventually it will quit. Sometimes it makes this noise when the a/c is turned off. Turn it on and it quits. -
I hear a knocking sound from the dash when I turn on the heat/AC. Noise only last a few seconds. -
Clicking noise behind glovebox when the heat/ac first comes on. Happens periodically when running ac. Also happens when the car is not running, no key in ignition. -
I get a loud knocking noise when I turn the A/C and or heat on or off. It knocks/clicks for less than a min, but is very annoying. I have not brought it in to a shop yet to see what the problem is. -
terrible knocking and clatter from front of engine compartment. replaced all pulleys and tentioners, new power steering pump, new alternator, NOW they are telling me in the aC compressor. Is this a common preoblem with the 08 avenger? -
Same as others. Knocking sound under glove compartment. Heard that it is the AC compressor and may cost hundreds to repair! -
i have a loud knocking noise behind my ac uint also -
Noises from the engine were heard, took the car to Dodge tecnician and was advised that A/C Compressor was damaged. Estimated cost of repair was $800.00! -
Well we havent fixed it yet,but when we turn on the heater or ac it starts knocking for about 15sec an it goes away. Sometimes it even knocks when the car aint even on. -
same issue.. but I replaced the cabin air filter and my problem went away.. it's on you tube. very easy to replace! try this first!! -
There is a loud knocking sound that seems to come from behind the glove box occasionally when I turn on the AC. Could it be the compressor? The sound comes and goes. -
noise wont stop -
there is a knocking noise that come from the car when the car is park an the engine is turn off sound like it comes from under the hood but we can never find it this has been going on since the car was purchase brand new. -
Knocking noise from the AC compressor -
when car was switched on heard a knocking noise for a short time. Took into dealer to have fixed. -
No fix yet. Glove box knocking sound. -
Clicking sound from the passenger side dashboard. Occurs when car is first started and A/C or heat is on, and lasts for a few seconds. Will stop immediately if A/C or heat is turned off. Also notice this when car is parked in garage, even after not running for hours. -
Knocking/whining sound when the AC is active. -
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