knocking noise on 1993 Lexus ES300

my car is making a knocking noise and i was told that it needs a valve lash adjustment, my at home mechanic would like to know what the adjustment measurements are when the valves are warm, and i want to know does it make a difference if its warm or cold?

by in Longmont, CO on April 01, 2010
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ANSWER by on April 01, 2010
I suggest you get a repair manual if your going to be doing your own work, or for your mechanic at home. It will answer all these questions and much much more. You can get an online subscription to excellent information here for less than $30:
ANSWER by on April 17, 2010
Go to any automotive store and get a Haynes Repair Manual for a 1992-1996 Toyota Camry. This book should help you with most of you repairs. I own a 93 Lexus ES300 and that book has been a big help.
ANSWER by on January 18, 2011
I do not know
ANSWER by on February 23, 2011
how to adjust a valve in a camry
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