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2005 Ford Taurus Question: knock sensor

what is the specs for this sensor what range should it be in vehicle has poor fuel economy been tring to figure this out for some time now have done all basic stuff maintenance has no codes or lights have snap on scanner can monitor data shows misfire when off idle but dose not set code all data seems ok has heated pcv tube has a little oil in it just wondering what knock sensor should read and if heated pcv could be the cause of the miss and economy -
Answer 1
What are the LONG TERM and SHORT TERM FUEL TRIM figures is the computer adding fuel or subtracting fuel. If the car has high mileage I wonder if the Oxygen sensors are gone lazy or the computer is seeing the right amount of air being drawn into the engine. The quickest test for the knock sensor is hold the RPM at 2500 RPM and get someone to knock gently on the engine near the knock sensor with a small hammer or punch with the scantool connected you should see the ignition timing retard each time it detects "knock" caused by tapping on the engine. http://www.fueleconomy.gov/feg/noframes/20972.shtml the link above is the federal fuel figures (not too good!) -
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