Knock Sensor on 1994 Nissan 300ZX

I relocated my knock sensor to the upper rear plenum and my car is still in safety boost. What can I do next?

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Do not relocate the knock sensor it needs to pick up engine knock where it is located in the valley of the block.
1994 Nissan 300ZX has OBD1 tier diagnostics, have you looked at the ECU to see if trouble codes are stored. I would look at the wiring in the engine compartment particularly at the knock sensor and injectors. I have seen the wiring get hard and brittle, crack internally in the loom, and a more difficult problem on one 300 was some of the spark plug wires were routed right next to of the electronics wiring going back to the ECU causing EMF being generated, just separating the spark plug wires away from the wiring harness made the car run great.
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You shouldn't relocate ignition knock sensors unless you have directions from the manufacturer to do so. What is the purpose of doing this? You mention boost, is there a lack of power? Do you have any fault codes stored?
I believe I have the same problem as you, and i to relocated my knock sensor, then swapped ecus and still no highway power. Please let me know if you have solved your problem because i can't solve mine