Kid ran it out of gas. Then car won't start now. Have fire, getting gas on 1996 Buick Park Avenue

Change plugs clean injectors tried everything can't not get the car to run.

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No,, you haven't tried 'everything'! First:: Got to know how much fuel pressure it has when tested with a gauge!!
Pressure is fine. I'm thinking it could be cam shaft sensor
No that aint it! Got to know what the fuel pressure is when tested with a guage!!! Reading in psi. Until that is known can't go further! Think about this, ran out of gas, ok so why do a bunch of work on anything other than the fuel system? Are you 100% sure it was actually OUT of gas, or the fuel pressure was just 'inadequate' from a failing pump?? Got to test it! Then we can go on to the next step. It's like walking down the stairs, if you miss a step you will bust your a..! To successfuly reach the bottom ,of this, can't miss a step! Check the d..n fuel pressure!! Post test results and we will get you back on the road!
Lol,u get so pist Kid if u think its the cam sensor just unplug it and try to start it ,but its true
Why are u going to a fuel problem to totally something else ,did he really run out of gas or
Did the car just stop?....those cars were notorious for bad pumps ,gotta check pumps.....
i haven't posted an answer in a year or so but I couldn't agree more with pushrod.i haven't laughed so hard at a response like this ever.falling down the steps is so accurate
many GMs will run with cam sensor CMP unplugged, just not the CKP crank sensor. Also you can have fuel pressure but if it is too low( most modern GMs need 30 PSI min just to start and run bad, the spider injectors need over 40 to barely start and still would run poorly, so having pressure does not mean that there is enough pressure at the required volume.
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Did you put at least 3 gallons or more of gas in after it 'ran out'?
You can try (very dangerous)some flammable spray like starting fluid or brake cleaner, spraying lightly while cranking and if engine runs you confirm that you have a fuel problem. This should is normally only done with professionals as it is possible to have a back or misfire that can start a fire. If engine runs on a shop type fuel supply then as pushrod suggested you may have a fuel pressure problem which could be a electrical problem with pump or injectors or mechanical problems like filter, pump, pressure regulators of injector(s). If you still can not get going you can call Roy 757-456-0722 for to arrange a diagnostic and request/reserve a free loaner/rental vehicle while being diagnosed/repaired.
Running your tank that low, you suck up a lot of dirt and sediments. You may be getting gas, but not enough pressure and it could come from gas filters filled with gunk.some vehicles have more than one gas filter, check your manual. One could be under car near the driver door, and another one in the engine compartment.