Kia won't start / wants to but won't start on 2002 Kia Sedona

was coming home engine stalled like a bad battery thin would not start back up/ I have replaced fuel pump, fuel lines at tank, battery fuchanged oil, added some more fuel to tank, I purchase a crank saft postion sensor, but was told I did not need it. replace the easy spark plugs I could get to. checked all fuses. ???? please help timing belt was told loos okay. it will back fire a little and when you try to start it you can smell the fuel.

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my 2003 just did this, like a fool i didnt trust the OBD II error code, and replaced the fuel pump. turns out it coded for a bad camshaft position sensor, and thats waht it turned out to be. oh well, at least i dont have to worry about fuel pump now. You can acces this sensor by taking the front timing belt cover off and the sensor is on the bottom side of the cam pulley