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There seems to be nothing that triggers the alarm. It can happen at any time of the day or night. I would be happy to just have the alarm system disabled.
Srs light use to stay on while in drive. After replaced the top horn an replaced the 10 amp fuse, now i have a 1 4scnd and 8 quick blinks with 4 scnd pauses while I'm driving.
Whilst travelling forward
the engine goes off when i try to give an instant acceleration for speed. the car can not run more than 80Km/h.
ok. the rear is leaking and i just repaired it with siclicone. now i need to fill it but i dont know the size of the bolt, is it special? second i have no power steering on the left side after a long road trip, idk if...
it will turn over but wont crank we have replaced the fuel pump and fuel pump relays we are at a dead end can someone tell us what the problem may be. the code reader sent a diagnostic code of p1624 but we dont under...
The light on dash shows it is in 4x4 but the front wheels don't spin
How do I take the dash apart to replace the ac/heater control module?
4wd light come on off